Economical Boat Care: Quality Maintenance On A Budget
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Budget Concepts for Taking Good Care Of Your Boat

Being a boat owner isn’t always cheap. You likely had to save up for quite some time to buy the boat of your dreams. And now, you still need to dish out a lot of cash to keep your boat in good shape. By taking good care of your boat, you can keep it in good shape for longer and avoid unnecessary expenses. In this guide, we are going to share some great concepts that will keep your boat in good shape for longer so you won’t have to deal with expensive repairs.

Get a Boat Cover

Boat covers are a very cheap investment compared to the damages that years of sunlight exposure might cause. This one-time investment can save you a fortune in the long run and will keep your boat nice and clean so you can easily head out for deep-sea adventures without scrubbing the deck before you depart. For optimal protection, it is best to get a boat cover that is going to cover as much of your boat deck and sides as possible.

Consider a Shade Or Bimini Top

This budget concept won’t just protect your boat interior, it can also enhance your comfort level when you go boating on a hot summer day. A Bimini Top will protect most of the sensitive components inside your boat from damaging UV rays and protect the captain and guests from gruesome sunburns that can be costly to treat. These tops or shades are ideal for boat owners who spend a lot of time on their water crafts.

Get a Motor Cover

Boating motors can be very expensive to repair or replace. A great way to keep your motor cover from becoming all faded by sunlight or to keep it clean and dry is by keeping the motor covered when the boat is not in use. Universal motor covers are usually very affordable and they are compatible with different types of boat motors.

Invest In Stone Guards

Stone guards might not be necessary if your boat is kept at the dock. But if you are someone who prefers to take your boat to different destinations or like to keep your watercraft stored at home then you should consider a stone guard. This type of guard railing will protect your boat exterior from flying road debris like stones when you are trailering it behind your truck. Stone guards are not very big but can make a huge difference in the condition of your boat’s paint coat.

Get a Hatch And Winch Cover

Boat hatches and winches can become damaged if these components are exposed to direct sunlight or the harsh elements of the sea for too long. If you want to keep your boat hatch and winches from becoming all dull or rusty then you should use covers whenever your boat isn’t out on the sea.

Do Repairs Immediately

One of the best ways to avoid extensive repairs is by doing all the minor boating repairs as soon as you notice these issues. It is much more affordable to get those small repairs like rust treatments done than waiting until these small damages spread.

Keep the Interior Dry And Clean

Excess moisture in the boat interior can cause rotting and mold growth in wooden parts or fabric. These bacterial growths are unhealthy and can damage your boat. It is essential to keep your boat interior as dry and clean as possible.

With these tips and the right protective gear, we are certain that your boat will stay in tippy-top shape for many years to come. Contact Ocean South if you are looking for these boat protectors and you will likely never have to do expensive repairs.