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Cowling Covers for Tohatsu

  • 10.3 oz/yd² tear-resistant Atlas Marine Grade fabric with advanced coating technology assures maximum water resistance, UV protection & breath-ability
  • Soft felt inner lining, Twin Rope Cleat for easy tightening & elasticized hem that contours around the engine’s cowling
  • Double stitching for added durability
  • Ideal for winter storage or for cowling protection whilst trailering on the road
  • SKU: T-SP

Custom Fit
Our Tohatsu Cowling Storage Covers are meticulously designed to provide a perfect fit for a wide range of Tohatsu outboard models, ensuring the cowling has maximum protection against environmental damage. The snug, contoured fit minimizes wind buffeting and reduces the risk of the cover coming loose or getting damaged whilst trailering on the road.

UV Resistant Material
Made from heavy-duty 10.3 oz/yd² Atlas Marine Grade Fabric that has been treated for UV resistance, these covers protect your outboard’s cowling from the damaging effects of the sun. The material’s durability ensures that the cover will not fade, crack, or weaken under prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Waterproof Design
Our Tohatsu Cowling Storage Covers are not only breathable but also water resistant.

Reinforced Double Stitched Seams
All seams are double-stitched and reinforced, ensuring that the cover remains intact and resistant to tearing or fraying.

Secure Fit
Equipped with an elastic hem and an ingenious Twin Rope Cleat that secures the storage cover tightly around the base of the cowling, our covers provide a secure fit that stays in place even during transportation on the road at high speeds. Compatible with the Oceansouth Tohatsu Full Storage Cover which is designed to fit on over the top of the Tohatsu Cowling Storage Cover and protect the entire outboard from top to prop.

Easy to Use
The cover is designed for easy fitting, with a simple slip-on design that makes it a quick process to cover your Tohatsu motor’s cowling.

Protection Against Scratches and Dirt
In addition to protecting the environment, the cover also keeps your Tohatsu outboard cowling free from scratches, dirt, dents, and debris that can accumulate during storage or can be thrown up whilst trailering on the road. A soft felt inner lining offers extra protection for the cowling, ensuring it remains in pristine condition.

Versatile Use
Whether your Tohatsu outboard motor is stored on the dock, on your boat, or in your garage, our Tohatsu Cowling Storage Cover offers comprehensive protection in all environments, making it an essential accessory for any boat owner.

Important: For Storage Use Only
Engineered with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, the storage covers are built to stand the of time. Please note however that these covers are designed for storage and trailering purposes only. For covers that can remain on the motor whilst operating out on the water, we recommend our Tohatsu Vented Cover range, which is designed to cover the motor whilst being used.


Atlas - Black
Weight 10.3 oz/yd2
Material 100% High Tech Polyester
Water Column ≥ 150 mbar (1500 mm)
Light & Weather Fastness Note 6-7
Tensile Strength ≈ 2200 N¹ | 1400 N²
Elongation ≈ 40 %¹ | 30 %²
Colour Fastness to rubbing Note 4-5³ | Note 44
Chlorine Resistant Note 4-5
Water Repellency Note 100
Oil Repellency Note 4
Coating Polyurethan [PU]
UV Protection Factor UPF 50+
(measured value > UPF 80)
Visit the ATLAS Fabrics website

Oceansouth began in 1985 in a small garage in Melbourne, Australia as a part-time project making boat ladders and bimini tops. It quickly grew into a global leader in the design and manufacturing of marine accessories. The company expanded its product line beyond its initial offerings, becoming an industry innovator known for blending functionality with style. This reputation for quality led to national recognition in Australia and a move to a larger manufacturing facility in 1990.

In 2012, Oceansouth made its mark in the U.S.A by establishing its divisional headquarters in Miami, driven by the ambition to reach a broader market and to capitalise on the influential US boating scene. This expansion into the U.S.A. was a huge success, leading to further growth in North America and setting the stage for Oceansouth’s foray into the European sector in 2014, with its European base established in Germany.

With our products now sold in 94 countries worldwide, Oceansouth is the premier market leader in marine and boating accessories.

What’s the difference between a storage cover and a vented cover?

A vented cover can remain on the cowling while motoring, providing ongoing protection. In contrast, a storage cover is designed only for storage and trailering purposes.

Will a Full cover fit over my storage or a vented cover whilst on the outboard?

Yes, the full covers are designed to fit over the outboard, even with the vented or storage cover on.

How do I measure my shaft length for a full cover?

It is the vertical distance from the top edge of the transom to the cavitation plate.
As shown in the image below.

Shaft Length Diagram

Do you make a custom outboard cover for my older-style cowling?

No, we only started making custom outboard covers in 2017 for the up-to-date cowling shapes available at that time. For older-style cowlings, please refer to our universal outboard covers in the link below.

How do I clean my cover?
-To clean your cover, use a soft brush and lukewarm water
-Do not use harsh laundry soap or chemical detergent as they may damage the protective UV coating on your cover.
-A mild, soapy detergent (even dishwashing liquid) is perfect to remove dirt and grim.
-For the more stubborn and inground stains, we recommend using a polyester canvas cleaner available from most camping and auto stores.
-Air dry
Note: To prolong the life of your cover it must be clean and completely dry before storing.

Can I return or exchange the product if it doesn’t fit?

Yes, as long as the product has not been damaged. Contact to find out how to organize the return.