Outboard Motor Vented cover for Evinrude


Vented Outboard Cover to be left on the engine at all times. Made from CYCLONE PROTECT premium woven dope dyed polyester fabric with non woven backing. Why do you need a Vented Cover?

  • Provides protection both on and off the water.
  • Protects your motor when skiing or fishing.
  • Protects your engine from UV fading, accidental knocks, scratches and other damages.

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  • Vented Outboard Cover made to fit each individual model of popular outboard motors.
  • Consist of elasticized hem & buckle fastening to ensure a smooth snug fit.
  • Highest quality materials and craftsmanship to stand the test of time.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Evinrude Engine

130HP 115H.O V4 1.7L (2005>), 225HP to 300HP, 200H.O to 250H.O – G2 V6 3.4L (2014>), 150HP to 200HP, 150H.O – G2 V6 2.7L (2016>), 225HP to 300HP, 200H.O to 250H.O – E-TEC V6 3.3L (2005-2016), 150HP to 200HP, 135H.O,150H.O – E-TEC V6 2.6L (2004>), 115HP, 90H.O – E-TEC V4 1.7L (2005>), 75HP, 90HP, 60H.O – E-TEC 3 CYL (2003>), 40HP, 50HP, 60HP – E-TEC 2CYL (2003>), 25HP, 30HP, 15H.O – E-TEC 2 CYL (2009>), 9.8HP – E-TEC 2CYL 209cc (2013>), 9.8HP – E-TEC 2CYL 209cc W/LIFTING HANESS (2013>), 6HP – E-TEC 1CYL 123cc (2013>), 6HP – E-TEC 1CYL 123cc W/LIFTING HANESS (2013>), 3.5HP – E-TEC 1CYL 87cc W/LIFTING HANESS (2013>), 3.5HP – E-TEC 1CYL 87cc (2013>)

Fabric Details


Weight 380 g/m2 – 11.21 oz/yd2
Material Premium Woven Dope Dyed Polyester
Fabric Features Protective Soft Felt Inner Lining
Durability Excellent
Strength Excellent
Water repellent Excellent (advanced coating technology)
Fabric Breathability Excellent
UV resistance Excellent
Mildew & Stain resistance Excellent


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