Must-Have Safety Equipment For A Secure Boating Experience
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Essential Boat Safety Equipment for a Safe and Pleasant Experience

Heading out onto the open waters on your boat to soak up the sunshine? The most important consideration should always be safety, first and foremost, to keep you and any passengers safe from the many potential hazards that may arise.

To keep everyone safe and secure, don’t leave the marina (or wherever else you’re docked) without these essential pieces of boat safety equipment:

  • Boat Handrails

There’s no telling exactly when you may need additional support for your own safety whilst out on the water, which is why a few strategically placed Boat Handrails are essential for safety and mobility. Even after checking the weather for the day and setting out on calm waters, a rocky journey could always happen and you’ll be glad you had some additional handrails to support you if this happens.

Made of stainless steel and a marine-grade nylon base, these easy-to-install handrails are a must-have for safety on your boat.

  • Outboard Motor Covers

When your boat is not in active use, it’s essential to protect critical components like the motor with high-quality Outboard Motor Covers to avoid any potential issues when you do take it out again. These motor covers improve safety by reducing wear and tear on the motor, and you’ll be actively protecting one of the most important parts of your boat (and an important asset from depreciating too quickly).

We’ve got motor covers for Mercury, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Evinrude, as well as universal motor covers for your boat, in a wide variety of sizes for different motor models.

  • Sea Anchor Drogue

Perfectly suited for fishing but also useful for maintaining a stable position for recreational purposes, a Sea Anchor Drogue adds safety to your boating experience by reducing drift. This sea anchor drogue is made of high-quality PVC rip-stop fabric and continuous webbing for superior durability and greater resistance to drifting movements.

In some states, a sea anchor drogue is a legal requirement aboard certain boats. Even if it doesn’t apply to you in your state, you’ll want to pack one with you just in case for all of the safety and convenience they bring.

  • Boat Ladders

Medium- to large-sized boats need to be accessible, with plenty of handrails and supports in case of rough weather. Our Aluminum Boat Ladders are a great safety addition to your boat as they provide much-needed stability when accessing the boat from the water or vice-versa.

The easily attachable and cushioned rubber-coated gunwale hooks make these ladders convenient, and they can be stored flat with ease as well. Moreover, the anodized aluminum tubing and 250 lb weight capacity make them durable and resilient to wear and tear. For safety while using the ladder, the steps are all made of tough, non-slip material.

  • Bimini Tops

While Bimini Tops are perhaps most obviously seen as a source of shade on a boat, they are in fact used for safety as well. Excessive exposure to the sun and UV rays can lead to sunburns and skin irritation at the very least, and can lead to much more serious negative health effects at the worst. Heatstroke is something you certainly don’t want aboard your boat, so make sure you’re using a high-quality UV-resistant bimini top suitable for your boat.


Purchase safety boating equipment and much more from us at Oceansouth.