Rock Guards | Oceansouth

Boat Trailer Rock Guards

Provides excellent protection when trailering against flying road debris and stones hitting the hull that can cause chips and damage to the hull.

Essential when towing on the highway or “off-road” trips to keep the hull in pristine condition.

  • Heavy Duty PVC Mesh with surround 10# Zipper allows easy access to the hull while on the trailer
  • Adjustable Ø1″ Stainless Steel Framework will fit the majority of popular trailers
  • Secured with 8 U Bolts
  • Quality Webbing Straps
  • A quick hose down is all that’s necessary to be ready for the next road trip

MA 300A-1 A 60″ 35″
MA 300A-2 A 74″ 39″


Width / Height
  • SKU: MA 300P

When trailering your boat you should keep it protected and in pristine condition just as it should be. Road debris and stones can fly up and damage or chip the hull of your boat, potentially costing you hundreds if not thousands to have it fixed. Risking this cost and the damage to your craft isn’t something that should be taken lightly, luckily there is a solution. Oceansouth has designed and made a rock guard to ensure your boat is protected whilst on the move.

With a frame made from high-quality stainless steel, heavy-duty PVC mesh, and 8 U bolts this is the highest quality, strongest, most secure way to ensure your boat is protected. The heavy-duty PVC mesh will stop anything from flying up and damaging your boat. Available in two sizes this is must buy trailer accessory for anyone who wants to ensure their boat stays in pristine condition.