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Sea Anchor Drogue

Ideal for fishing, our Sea Anchor Drogue is constructed with tough PVC rip-stop fabric with reinforced nylon straps and continuous webbing for added strength.

  • Sea Anchor Drogue made of tough PVC Rip-Stop fabric
  • 50mm reinforced webbing opening
  • Reinforced construction – nylon straps
  • Continuous webbing for added strength
  • Slows boat rate of drift
  • Ideal for fishing
Boat Size
  • SKU: 10079P

A Sea Anchor Drogue is essential for any boat owner. Gives you the ability to slow the boat during rough weather, keep the boat straight whilst motoring down-sea, reduce the risk of pitchpoling or broaching or steer your boat in an emergency. Although not always required by law in every state, having a high-quality Sea Anchor Drogue should be considered as essential as oars or life jackets.

Oceansouth’s range of Sea Anchor Drogues is made from high-quality tough PVC Rip-Stop fabric, reinforced nylon straps, and reinforced webbing opening. Available in 4 sizes to ensure fitment on all water crafts.