Sea Anchor Drogue: Superior Stability & Strength
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Sea Anchor Drogue

The Oceansouth Sea Anchor Drogue is an indispensable tool for boaters and sailors seeking better control and stability in demanding marine conditions. Crafted for durability and top-notch performance, this drogue is built to tackle the trials of open water, delivering reliable functionality when it’s most needed.

  • Sea Anchor Drogue made of tough PVC Rip-Stop fabric
  • 50mm reinforced webbing opening
  • Reinforced construction – nylon straps
  • Continuous webbing for added strength
  • Slows boat rate of drift
  • Ideal for fishing

Specifically crafted to reduce a vessel’s drift and provide stability in strong winds or rough seas, it operates by deploying from either the boat’s bow or stern. This creates drag that steadies the boat’s heading, cutting sideways movement and boosting control. This improved control fosters safer and more comfortable conditions on deck, reducing the risks of capsizing or losing control in challenging weather.With various attachment points and size options available, the Sea Anchor Drogue can be customized to fit different boat types and sizes. Whether you’re on a small yacht, a fishing boat, or a larger vessel, there’s a suitable size to match your specific needs.

The Oceansouth Sea Anchor Drogue is a vital and trustworthy piece of equipment for any boater or sailor navigating unpredictable or rough waters. It offers increased stability, control, and safety, enabling you to navigate challenging conditions with confidence and certainty.

Boat Size
  • SKU: 10079P

A Sea Anchor Drogue is essential for any boat owner. Gives you the ability to slow the boat during rough weather, keep the boat straight whilst motoring down-sea, reduce the risk of pitchpoling or broaching or steer your boat in an emergency. Although not always required by law in every state, having a high-quality Sea Anchor Drogue should be considered as essential as oars or life jackets.

Oceansouth’s range of Sea Anchor Drogues is made from high-quality tough PVC Rip-Stop fabric, reinforced nylon straps, and reinforced webbing opening. Available in 4 sizes to ensure fitment on all water crafts.