T-Top Enclosure - Weather Protection For Console Boats

T-Top Enclosure

Oceansouth T-Top enclosure will protect you from harsh weather conditions.


  • Secure and easy attachment with Polyester webbing straps and adjustment buckles
  • Unobstructed side and front views
  • Reinforced top and base hem for added strength against the strongest gales
  • Easily removed, roll up and store when not in use

closure Dimensions Diagram

MA 089-2 Consoles up to 27″ Width 104″ 67″
MA 089-3 Consoles over 27″  Width 119″ 83″
Console Width
  • SKU: MA 089-2GP

When you are at the helm of your console boat it’s crucial you are a clear and unobstructed view to ensure a safe and controlled trip. When the weather and wind are bad you want to be comfortable and unimpaired which is where having a T-Top Enclosure is such a valuable investment. A T-top enclosure is a cover made from canvas and clear PVC that wraps around your T-top cover giving you protection from oncoming weather whilst still allowing you to see.

Oceansouth has designed and made a universal T-Top Enclosure that can be fitted to most T-Top covers. Coming in two sizes has adjustable polyester straps and buckles, and is designed with the specific intention to be universal and work with many if not all T-top covers.