Maintaining Your Outboard Motor Cover - Best Practices
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Outboard Motor Cover Care and Maintenance

  • To clean your cover, use a soft brush and luke warm water
  • Do not use harsh laundry soap or chemical detergent as they may damage the protective UV coating on your cover.
  • A mild, soapy detergent (even dishwashing liquid) is perfect to remove dirt and grim.
  • For the more stubborn and inground stains, we recommend using a polyester canvas cleaner available from most camping and auto stores.
  • Ensure you rinse thoroughly
  • Air dry

Note: To prolong the life of your cover it is important that it is clean and completely dry before storing.

Our covers have a 1 year manufacturing warranty and with good maintenance of our covers – such as washing off dirt and grime every few months, ensuring the cover is not allowed to pool water or ensuring no parts of the boat are allowed to rub through the cover you should get many years of good service covering the boat and motor.

We have some customers who look after their cover and are into their 7th year and report back that they’re still going strong – of course some fading is to be expected when in the full sun year on year but it doesn’t detract from the service of the cover.