Titan Swivel Boat Seat Kit - Complete & Easy Installation
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Titan Swivel – Complete Kit

A new alternative to “metal seat clamps”. The Titan Swivel comprises of two parts:
the base which locks on to the bench using rubber anchors and the top attaches to the seat.

  • 7″ Boat Seat Swivel – Top & Base
  • 4x rubber anchors
  • Ø1/2″ drill bit
  • Molded from tough, self-lubricating polymers
  • Anchors lock base to Aluminum bench seats

An alternative to ‘metal seat clamps’, designed with a Quick Disconnect system.
Titan Swivel - Top & Base Instructions

* Seat and Pedestal not included


In stock
EAN: 9337568079416
  • SKU: MA 765-1

If you own an aluminum boat with bench seats you will understand how uncomfortable it can be sitting down on them all day long. Having a fixed seat can cause issues, it will keep you locked facing one direction and also limit your freedom to fish and ability to easily see everything around your boat.

What you need is something that allows your seat to swivel in all directions, whilst also being able to install and remove the seat with ease. Luckily Oceansouth has a product designed to make mounting seats to aluminum benches easier, convenient, and functional.

Titan Swivel – Complete Kit has been designed and made by Oceansouth who have decades of experience. The base unit is made from tough, self-lubricating polymers allowing it to swivel freely yet remain secure and strong. The rubber anchor locks, with the included drill bit, allow easy and secure installation that allows enough movement to hold you firm without damaging your boat.