Hard Top Stern Shade Extension Kit

  1. Oceansouth Hard Top Stern Extension extends the shade area up to 9.5ft.
    Atlas Marine Fabrics blue 9.14oz b
  • It is supplied with 2 heavy duty stainless steel telescopic poles with Ø 1 1/4″ in Diameter and 51″ to 79″ Length .
  • Height can be adjusted for comfortable seating or standing
  • High quality  9.14oz/yd² Atlas Marine Canvas.
  • Folds neatly away when not in use
  • Use at anchor or motoring up to 20 knots


Size 7 8.5ft 6.5ft 5.5ft
Size 8 9.5ft 6.5ft 5.5ft
Size 9 8.5ft 7.5ft 6.5ft
Size 10 9.5ft 7.5ft 6.5ft
MA045H Diagram 2
*For an accurate measurement for length “A” we suggest mocking up the rear poles to accommodate the angle of the rod holders.


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  • SKU: MA 045H
Attatching the Hard-Top Extension to the Boat

1: Insert assembled poles into rear rod holders.

2: Attach short webbing straps loosely to the loops at the rear of the fabric.

3: Attach front webbing straps to the chosen fastening point on the Hard-Top framework.

4: Attach long webbing straps to the rear cleats.

5: Adjust all the webbing straps until Hard-Top Extension is tensioned and in desired position.



T-Top Extension Diagram



Altas Fabric Blue
Weight 9.14oz/yd²
Material 100% High Tech Polyester
Water Column ≥ 150 mbar (1500 mm)
Light & Weather Fastness Note 6-7
Tensile Strength ≈ 2200 N¹ | 1400 N²
Elongation ≈ 40 %¹ | 30 %²
Colour Fastness to rubbing Note 4-5³ | Note 44
Chlorine Resistant Note 4-5
Water Repellency Note 100
Oil Repellency Note 4
Coating Polyurethan [PU]
UV Protection Factor UPF 50+ (gemessen > UPF 80)
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