2-Piece Dinghy Oars For Inflatable Boats
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Inflatable Dinghy Oars

Oceansouth 2-piece Inflatable Boat Oars are a perfect addition to your aquatic adventures. These oars are thoughtfully designed for performance, durability, and convenience.

The two-piece construction allows for easy assembly and storage, making them ideal for inflatable boats. With an efficient blade and shaft design, these oars provide a smooth and powerful rowing experience.

They come in 2 sizes to accommodate various boat sizes and offer comfortable, ergonomically designed handles. Oceansouth oars are built to withstand the elements and prioritize safety, making them a versatile and reliable choice for boating enthusiasts. Upgrade your aquatic journey with Oceansouth oars and experience a perfect blend of quality and functionality.

Oar Length
  • SKU: PA 100P

Oceansouth has made the perfect set of oars to keep in your boat for emergencies. A split shaft design to minimize the room taken up, and made from Ø1 3/8 aluminum tube to keep the weight low but ensure they are still strong.

The blades and handles are made from UV polypropylene for the best lightweight strength. These come with oar pin locks made from heavy-duty nylon and stainless steel fittings.