Oceansouth Bait Cutting Board - Small

Fishing Bait & Fillet Table

Strong Rib Core design provides a rigid and stable surface. One piece moulded Polypropylene table, superior against UV deterioration and knife cuts.


Rod holder mount fits easily into existing rod mounts and adjustable knuckle allows the table to be used in a straight or angled position.


  • TABLE SIZE: 18.4″ x 15″
  • Oceansouth Bait Cutting Board consist of anodized aluminum mounting leg
  • Easily removed for cleaning or storage.
  • UV Stabilized, Extremely tough Polypropylene table
  • 2 separate compartments at top of board, to hold knife, tackle, lures
  • Bottom compartment designed to catch run off fish guts, blood etc
  • Adjustable knuckle allows table to be fixed are required angle



Table Type
  • SKU: MA 104P

When you are out fishing on your boat things can get messy, between baiting the line and filleting your catches it can be hard to keep your boat clean. This is where having a Bait and Fillet table is essential for any keen fisher, giving you a platform to get the messy work down whilst keeping the rest of your boat pristine.

Oceansouth has made a small functional 18.4” x 15” bait and fillet table for the recreational fishers out there. Made from UV stabilized extremely tough polypropylene composite in a one-piece mold, these robust tables will not deteriorate in harsh UV rays or knife cuts. With three different mounting solutions rod holder, rail mount, or lock fast holder mount we guarantee an option that will work for your boat.

Bait & Fillet Table Lifestyle
MA 104-1 Rod Holder Mount
MA 104-2 Rail Mount (Suits Ø1″ Rails)
MA 104-3 Lock Fast Holder Mount