Telescopic Boat Cover Support Pole Kit - Protect Your Boat
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Telescopic Boat Cover Support Pole Kit

The Oceansouth Cover Support System extends the life of your cover by eliminating water pooling and debris collecting on the cover.
It features the Top and Base solid wheel design which reduces skidding or movement of the pole.

  • Suits boats up to 24′
  • Marine grade polymers components
  •  Ø1″ bright dipped aluminum pole
  •  Ø1″ webbing straps attach to the top wheel extend across the front and to the rear of boat


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EAN: 9337568005712
  • SKU: 21062

When looking after your boat it’s essential to have a high-quality cover as they protect your boat from rain, wind, debris, and harsh sun rays. However, if your cover isn’t perfectly fitted, water and debris can start to pool. When this happens no material can keep the water/rain from eventually seeping through. When the water does start seeping through a boat cover, it can cause major damage to the inside of your boat and also weaken the material in certain spots.

Making sure you have a straightened and taut cover ensures that water and debris can easily run off whilst also protecting the inside of your boat. Oceansouth’s Telescopic Boat Cover Support Pole has been engineered perfectly to give your boat and boat cover further protection thus giving both a longer life expectancy. The support pole also forces your cover to straighten out, giving it a much smoother and professional look when covering your boat.

Oceansouth’s Telescopic Boat Cover Support Pole is designed for boats up to 24 feet long. The 1” bright dipped aluminum pole, marine-grade polymers, and webbing straps ensure a strong yet, lightweight option to support your boat cover. The telescopic pole is 28” and extends to 48” to ensure it can fit a vast variety of boats. With two wheelbases and 787” webbing straps this cover support option won’t move or fail under the weight of your cover.

Telescopic Boat Cover Support Pole Kit