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V-Hull Fishing Boat Style

Designed to fit Open type boats 11’5″ – 18’4″ in length with rail height up to 6″. The smooth fit across the boat and around the hull.

V-Hull Fishing Boat Style Icons

High quality cover.

Trailerable and suitable for highway towing when secured properly.

Atlas Marine Fabrics Gray 9.14oz

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  • SKU: MA 202P

Owning a boat is a fantastic opportunity for anyone but you can’t get around the fact they cost a lot of money. They can bring you endless amounts of fun and memories if looked after correctly, this is why you need a high-quality cover designed to fit your boat to ensure it lasts. Whether you need to protect it from the cold and snow during the winter months or keep it out of those harsh UV rays during the summer a high-quality Oceansouth cover is essential for any smart boat owner.

With decades of experience designing, testing, and manufacturing high-quality boat covers, Oceansouth is the obvious choice offering the best value for money cover to protect your boat. All covers are made from a very high-quality premium woven dope-dyed polyester (9.14oz/yd²). This strong, highly breathable polyester material ensures no mildew or mold can grow whilst the cover is on. The covers have been made to be both water and UV-resistant allowing them to protect your boat from all types of weather.
Oceansouth’s range of semi-custom V-Hull Fishing boat covers allows you to get the best-fitted cover for your v-hull boat.
You will find that most standard covers on the market have just one design to suit all types of boats. This includes boats with windscreens, consoles, and large bow rails… Making it very difficult to know exactly how that cover will fit your boat.

Our open boat range comes in 9 different sizes and has been rigorously tested and manufactured by engineers to ensure the design of the cover is best suited for all open v-hull type boats. These high-quality covers also come in Grey and Black for you to get the look you desire.


Atlas Marine Fabrics Gray
Weight 9.14oz/yd²
Material 100% High Tech Polyester
Water Column ≥ 150 mbar (1500 mm)
Light & Weather Fastness Note 6-7
Tensile Strength ≈ 2200 N¹ | 1400 N²
Elongation ≈ 40 %¹ | 30 %²
Colour Fastness to rubbing Note 4-5³ | Note 44
Chlorine Resistant Note 4-5
Water Repellency Note 100
Oil Repellency Note 4
Coating Polyurethan [PU]
UV Protection Factor UPF 50+
(measured value > UPF 80)
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