Clamp-On Fishing Arch - Versatile Rod Rack Solution
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‘Clamp-On’ Fishing Arch

Maximize your fishing efficiency with the Oceansouth Clamp-On Rod Holder. Crafted for durability and versatility, this holder securely organizes up to six rods at once. Its adjustable clamp design ensures easy attachment to any surface, making it a must-have for anglers of all levels.

  • Attaches to Bimini constructed with Ø1″ tube
  • Fits Bimini or Canopies up to 75″ Canopy width
  • Alloy Double Knuckle Clamp attaches Rocket Launcher firmly to Bimini Frame
  • All fasteners made from 316 grade Stainless Steel
  • Can be trimmed to suit your Bimini width
MA 100 - Rod Rack Measurements


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  • SKU: MA 110

The Oceansouth Clamp-On Fishing Rod Holder/Rocket Launcher is a must-have tool for fishing enthusiasts. Engineered for convenience and efficiency, this versatile rod holder allows you to securely organize up to six fishing rods at once.

Crafted with top-quality materials, the Oceansouth Clamp-On Fishing Rod Holder/Rocket Launcher ensures durability and enduring performance, even in tough marine conditions. The holder features a sturdy and adjustable clamp mechanism, making it easy to attach to various surfaces. Its versatility ensures you can use it wherever your fishing trips take you.

Whether you’re trolling for big game fish, angling for freshwater species, or simply enjoying a leisurely day on the water, the Oceansouth Clamp-On Fishing Rod Holder/Rocket Launcher is an essential tool for any angler. Its strong build, user-friendly design, and ability to accommodate multiple rods make it an excellent choice for both experienced fishermen and beginners. Invest in this reliable and efficient rod holder to elevate your fishing experience and ensure every outing is a success.

If you are serious about fishing, you want to be able to have multiple trolling rods in the water when you are by yourself. It is common for a fisherman to find it very frustrating to store all their rods while fishing on the boat. This can lead to drilling unnecessary holes in the boat and installing various rod holders. However, like many boat owners, if you have an existing bimini already on your boat, you now have that extra space to store your rods.

Oceansouth’s ‘Clamp-On’ Fishing Arch has been designed and tested by engineers with decades of experience to ensure the best product for you. This Fishing Arch is made from a 1” aluminum tube, 316-grade Stainless Steel fasteners, and alloy double knuckle clamps to secure it to your existing 1” bimini frame. With this combination of materials designed to be cut down to perfectly match your bimini, there isn’t a more secure, stable, and well-designed clamp-on rod holder.

Installation Instructions