Rack For Fishing Rods - Durable Fishing Arch Rocket Launcher
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Fishing Arch (Rocket Launcher)

The Oceansouth Fishing Rod Holder Overhead Rack Rocket Launcher offers a reliable and user-friendly storage solution for fishing enthusiasts. It guarantees durability, functionality, and easy installation, enhancing your boating experience.

NOTE: Optional Rail Mounts can be utilized to mount the Fishing Rod Rack on rails.


  • Test Fold down design
  • Boat Fishing Arch (Rocket Launcher) can be mounted on deck or gunwale, free standing
  • 1 1/4″ Hard Anodized Aluminum tube, crossbars and uprights
  • Supplied with 6 Rod Holders constructed from High-Performance PPO
  • Connectors and mounts constructed from Marine Grade Polymers
  • Universal mounts with Thumb Screw release allow Fishing Arch (Rocket Launcher) to be folded down
  • Cross bars can be used to mount equipment
  • Detailed assembly instructions
  • Quick installation process

MA100 Dimensions

In stock
EAN: 9337568000731
  • SKU: MA 100

Adding extra rod storage to a boat is something dedicated fishers are always looking to do. Regardless of the size of your boat, adding a Fishing Arch (Rocket Launcher) allows you to add extra rod holders for storage or have a selection of lures in the water whilst trolling.

Oceansouth’s Fishing Arch (Rocket Launcher) can be mounted to a deck or gunwale and can be cut down to suit any size boat. Constructed from the strongest materials including, 1 ¼” hard anodized aluminum tubing, marine grade polymers, and 6-rod holders made from high-performance PPO.
We also understand that accessories like these can be a pain for some customers to store or travel with due to their tall height. This is why we have designed the mounts to come with strong thumb screws so they can be easily folded down flat, to suit all storage or travel options.

Fishing Rod Rack MA100-1-1
Installation Instructions