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Economy Seat Pedestal – Swivel top

The Oceansouth Economy Seat Pedestal with a swivel top is a great option for boaters seeking a dependable and cost-efficient solution to elevate and rotate their boat seats. This pedestal boasts durable construction, featuring a shaft made of lightweight yet sturdy aluminium. Its robust design is compatible with most standard boat seats, ensuring versatility across a wide range of seating options.

The swivel top of this economy pedestal enhances your seating experience, enabling easy rotation and adjustment. With a diagonal measurement of 7 inches (177mm) for both the top and base, it accommodates various boat seat sizes, offering versatility. The aluminium tube has a diameter of Ø76 inches, ensuring strength and stability. Available in two sizes, boaters can select the one that best fits their needs. The Oceansouth Economy Seat Pedestal with a swivel top provides an affordable way to enhance comfort and convenience in your boat, serving as a valuable addition to your marine equipment.

  • Swivel top
  • Top and base diagonal measurement – 7″ / 13″
  • Aluminium tube diameter – Ø3″
  • Suitable for most standard seats
  • SKU: MA 769P

When you are in the market for a seat pedestal for your small boat it can often be hard to find something with a small profile, that’s lightweight and strong, but still offers the functionality of height and rotation of standard pedestals.
Oceansouth has designed its economy seat pedestals to offer a budget-friendly small form factor pedestal for use with roof toppers or smaller boats.

Oceansouth has made these out of strong 3” diameter aluminum, in two different sizes 7” and 13”. Designed to work with most seats with mounting point measurements of 7” – 13” and a swivel function built in these are the best budget pedestal solution for small boats.

Economy Seat Pedestal with Swivel Top
MA 769-1 7″
MA 769-2 13″