Fisherman Boat Top Bundle - Essential Protection & Comfort
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Fisherman Top

Key Features

  • Exceptional durability and quality
  • Stands at 5ft 1” (61”) in height from boat mounting point to the top of then canopy
  • Anodized Aluminum frame with a Ø1¼” diameter tube, Marine-grade fittings
  • Water-resistant breathable high-tech ATLAS Marine Grade Fabric 8.0 oz/yd2 canopy
  • Generous canopy material coverage of 5ft (front to back)
  • UV & weather-resistant color fastness to light grade 6-7, Resilience against mold and mildew
  • Travels comfortably on the water at 40 knots
  • A selection of canopy colors and mounting widths to choose from
  • Simple and swift detachment and reattachment on and off the boat for added convenience
  • Provides a secure mounting platform for onboard equipment, including navigation lights, antennas, deck lights and rod holders
  • Rod Holders are not included in the kit but can be purchased separately
  • Designed for road trailering at speeds of up to 35 mph – it is advised to use additional straps (not included in the kit) for securing when traveling at higher speeds
Mounting Width
Choose Color
  • SKU: MA 050P

Fisherman Top Dimensions Diagram

MA 050-1 55″ 59″ – 67″
MA 050-2 63″ 67″ – 75″
MA 050-3 71″ 75″ – 83″
MA 050-4 79″ 83″ – 90″

The Oceansouth Fisherman Top boat canopy stands out as a meticulously crafted, premium accessory designed to elevate the boating experience for fishing enthusiasts. Tailored specifically for avid anglers who have small to medium-sized open boats and console boats, this top-tier canopy provides optimal protection and comfort on the water, all while maximizing usable space onboard.

Premium Construction for Enduring Durability:

Crafted from high-quality materials, our Fisherman Top showcases a robust and weather-resistant design, ensuring durability and resilience against the elements. The frame, constructed from sturdy Ø1¼” anodized aluminum, seamlessly combines strength with lightweight characteristics for easy installation and maneuverability. The canopy material, made from UV-resistant 8.0oz/yd² Atlas Marine Grade Fabric, not only shields occupants from harsh sun exposure but also maintains its color and integrity over time.

Design that Speaks Function & Practicality:

The thoughtful design of the Oceansouth Fisherman Top places emphasis on practicality and functionality. Featuring a spacious and aerodynamic design, the canopy provides ample headroom for occupants and extends generously in a horizontal manner to the stern of the boat.

Customization at your Fingertips:

For added customization, optional extras such as clamp-on rod holders and navigation/light mounts can be easily fitted to the Fisherman Top, allowing users to tailor it to their specific needs.

Hassle-Free Boating: Convenience Redefined:

Equipped with convenient features like quick-release marine-grade nylon deck mounts and a user-friendly step-by-step assembly process, our Fisherman Top ensures hassle-free installation and removal. This adaptability enables boaters to seamlessly adjust to changing weather conditions. The sleek and stylish appearance of the canopy adds a touch of sophistication to any boat, making it not only a practical choice but also an aesthetically pleasing addition to your marine adventures.


Oceansouth began in 1985 in a small garage in Melbourne, Australia as a part-time project making boat ladders and bimini tops. It quickly grew into a global leader in the design and manufacturing of marine accessories. The company expanded its product line beyond its initial offerings, becoming an industry innovator known for blending functionality with style. This reputation for quality led to national recognition in Australia and a move to a larger manufacturing facility in 1990.

In 2012, Oceansouth made its mark in the U.S.A by establishing its divisional headquarters in Miami, driven by the ambition to reach a broader market and to capitalise on the influential US boating scene. This expansion into the U.S.A. was a huge success, leading to further growth in North America and setting the stage for Oceansouth’s foray into the European sector in 2014, with its European base established in Germany.

With our products now sold in 94 countries worldwide, Oceansouth is the premier market leader in marine and boating accessories.


Altas Fabric Blue
Weight 8.0oz/yd²
Material 100% High Tech Polyester
Water Column ≥ 150 mbar (1500 mm)
Light & Weather Fastness Note 6-7
Tensile Strength ≈ 2200 N¹ | 1400 N²
Elongation ≈ 40 %¹ | 30 %²
Colour Fastness to rubbing Note 4-5³ | Note 44
Chlorine Resistant Note 4-5
Water Repellency Note 100
Oil Repellency Note 4
Coating Polyurethan [PU]
UV Protection Factor UPF 50+ (measured > UPF 80)


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