Top Boat Accessories Every Owner Should Consider
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Our Top 5 Storage Solutions and Accessories for Boat Owners

Storage space is often a premium in your home, and it’s certainly a precious premium aboard a boat, where every square inch of space matters. For all of the essential safety supplies such as life jackets to personal valuables, food and beverages and more, it’s essential that they’re stowed away safely and conveniently for easy access. It’s also important to consider the importance of storage for the boat itself, for periods when it isn’t viable to use.

Below are five of our top storage solutions for your boat:

01. Fishing Rod Racks

Novice and seasoned fishermen alike know the importance of proper storage for their valuable fishing rods, which is why our Fishing Rod Racks are essential for boat owners – especially those that use their vessel for fishing.

The 3-rod and 4-rod models are easy to mount on any flat, vertical surface of the boat and keep the rods held up vertically, thereby freeing up plenty of space while also keeping the rods themselves safe from being bent or damaged. Lined fully with protective polypropylene and made of mirror finish 316 stainless steel, these fishing rod racks are built to last.

02. Boat Trailer Rock Guards

When it comes to storing your boat or at least transporting it aboard a trailer, Rock Guards are an absolute necessity. Even when driving at relatively slow speeds, kicked up gravel and other debris can cause plenty of damage to the hull. Rock guards act as a shield against oncoming road debris due to their high-resistance, heavy duty PVC mesh material.

You may still get dust to accumulate on the hull, especially if traveling off-road, so just give your boat a quick hose down to get it looking great and pristine again.

03. Fishing Bait & Fillet Table

Although not a storage compartment in and of itself, our Fishing Bait & Fillet Table is a great addition to a boat where storage is at a premium. This table can be folded as needed and can be easily removed and stored when not needed.

Naturally, a fishing bait and filet table is suitable for boat owners that enjoy fishing, but in addition to being easily removed when not needed this table also makes it hygienic and safe to cut and filet fish and to dispose of blood and guts in the two upper compartments.

04. Cockpit Table Covers

Sailboat owners should always endeavor to take extra precautions to cover the cockpit table, so our Cockpit Table Covers are an obvious must-have. Keep your cockpit table secure and protected from the elements with nothing but the highest-quality fabric such as our marine-grade ATLAS canvas fabric and adjust as necessary with the built-in shock cord embedded in the hem of the cover. Depending on the color and dimensions of your sailboat, your needs may vary. We offer two different colors and seven different sizes to match most sailboats.

05. Yeti Cooler Cushions

Your trusty Yeti cooler is itself an important storage accessory for beverages, snacks and more, but why not maximize space even more with our Yeti Cooler Cushions? These comfy cushions turn your Yeti cooler into an additional seating area, allowing you to seat more passengers comfortably for your day out on the water.


Purchase storage supplies and many other marine supplies from us at Oceansouth.